Retracing Ancestors

A little while ago I went on a trip to Devon to retrace some of my ancestors steps. They were farmers from around Barnstaple, Devon before moving up to Kent around the 1920s/1930s

There was one house from Devon that I had a partial photograph of which was Eastleigh Barton, where the Merchants were living on the 1901 and 1911 census.

The photo was taken on 11th September 1901 on the wedding day of John Ashton Glass and Mary Maude Merchant.

Just over One hundred years later, I took the photograph off the wall at my Grandparents house to scan it to the computer. Taped to the back is an envelope, inside written in my Great Grandmother’s handwriting (John and Mary’s daughter) are the names of everyone in the photograph she knew, missing only a handful.

So while travelling around Devon, I decided to go visit the property. The family there were extremely welcoming and showed us round the property and farm yard explaining how it would have been back in the 1900s. The current farmer’s father walked round with us as he grew up nearby and remembered hearing about the Merchants.

Eastleigh Barton, Devon

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