How far back can I go?

This is dependent on how well the documents have survived. Most families in England, Scotland and Wales can be traced back to the early 1800s as many documents have survived. Generally, the further back you go the harder it is to progress as fewer documents survive.

How long will the research take?

How long the research takes depends on each family tree, some there may be an abundance of information but for others there may not be many documents so will take longer to find.

Can you guarantee you will find information on my family?

There is no guarantee in what I will find, due to survival rates on records and how well documented your family are. For some families, there can be large amount of records found however others there can only be a few. It can also depend on how often your ancestors moved around and how common their names were.

My family are not from England, Scotland or Wales can you still research them?

I only do research for England, Scotland and Wales as they are the records I have experience in. If your ancestors come from elsewhere it would be better for you to find a genealogist who specialises in research from that country.

What areas do you cover?

I can research most of England where records are already available online, I can also travel to Villages and Churches in Kent and East Sussex.

If you wish for me to visit a church or village for you I charge my hourly rate of £15 and 40p per mile.

I have a box of family documents but haven’t got the time to digitize it all, can you help?

Yes I can help, I offer a digitizing service,you can find prices here

I have some family photos that are damaged, can you help?

Yes I can, I am able to restore old photographs that are damaged or have aged badly over time. I can digitally repair scratches, ages marks and tears. You can find out more information and pricing here